October 20, 2014

I don't remember a time I felt such an urgency in my spirit to tell others about our Messiah and Savior Yeshua-Jesus. As I was praying one morning, I saw the American Church as Sleeping Beauty. She is prophetically likened to Samson who was lulled to sleep on Delilah's knees. Samson not only lost his strength when his hair was cut, but he also lost his vision. We also know from the book of Corinthians that the hair of the woman is her glory. Perhaps Samson could be viewed as a type of the church who has lost her power, vision and glory.


Unfortunately like Samson the church has fallen asleep on the knees of worldliness & pride, and lost her spiritual vision and perception. Her physical eyes have lost the clarity and spiritual insight to what is really going on today. The sad truth is much of the church is

“lukewarm”, "Powerless","Blind" and without the “Glory”Jesus promised his church.


Its time to "WAKE UPSLEEPING BEAUTY”! The hope of America & the Nations is not in our politics or military might. In these perilous times the church must wake up and not be just 10%,30%, 50% or 75% SAVED! The church must be 100% committed to Christ, His Kingdom & Reaching the Unreachable with the Love of God that NEVER FAILS!I believe Jesus our prince is going to kiss his bride and wake her up out of her slumber into a realm of revival power, spiritual perception and greater glory than we have ever seen before. I hope you will join us at this our first Revival People conference.


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October 25, 2014

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