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There are two types of memebership in the RPN.  The first type is Network Members and the second is Fellowship Members.




- members come under the Apostolic Covering of RPN.

- members are invited to join RPN Facebook group

- access to the Apostolic team who are experienced in church growth and church planting 

- access to training resources such as the local church leadership training track (Timothy Group, Elijah Company and Barnabas Project). 

-Opportunity to connect with Apostle Shirley and the Apostolic Team through live interaction  where there is an opportunity to ask questions and receive updates on the latest network news.

-preferred sitting at all RPN events and discounts on all RPN sponsored resources.

- an opportunity for one on one meeting at the RPN annual conference with a member of the Apostolic Team






- attend the annual international RPN Conference . We strongly encourage as many of the leadership team as possible to attend.

-Participate in one RPN missions trip per year.

- all churches should have a member of the Apostolic team visit their church within their first year of membership (expenses and honorarium would be covered by the church)

 -The applicant will need to submit a yearly ministry update to RPN by October 1st. 




- individual members submit a yearly membership fee of $150. 

- churches submit a yearly membership fee of $300 ( this covers administration fee for the senior pastors) 

(This is the only mandatory financial requirement and is due the first of October) 


- because we understand the power of honor and agreement every member should consider their ongoing financial commitment to RPN.  there is no specific amount required, each individual or church determines in their heart what they can give.  We do ask however that everyone participate on some level. Our hope is that every participating church will receive a special offering for RPN missions at least once a year. 


- As a primary Apostolic Covering churches may consider tithing to RPN 




Applicants must conduct their personal life, family, finances and ministry in agreement with the principles and moral standards of Scripture.  They should also hold an exemplary reputation and testimony with those outside of the body of Christ. 

 DISCIPLINE:   Members must be in an accountable relationship with The Revival People Network 

If there is evidence of questionable testimony (an ungodly lifestyle, sexual misconduct, financial misappropriation, or constant divisive behavior) the member must submit to a process of discipline/restoration in relationship with RPN.  If members will not comply with the discipline process, affiliation may be withdrawn at any time.




1.  Applicant is in good and ongoing relationship with a local church.

2.  Applicant is actively involved in ministry and have a least two years of practical and church field experience.

3.  The applicant has read and agrees with the RPN statement of faith.

4. The applicant has completed the ministry protocol I & II and the assigned reading 

5.  Complete and submit appropriate application for credentials (send to Betsy Evans by filling outthe contact form below) a $50 application fee should accompany the application, make check payable to RPN or pay through PayPal at 

6.  The applicant must submit recommendation letter from their Senior Pastor. If the applicant is the Senior Pastor, he/she must submit a recommendation letter from someone in present accountability structure. 

7.  Complete an interview with the Apostolic Team 





Contributing: $20 or more per month 




- opportunity to participate in RPN missions 

- Special Partner event at RPN Conference 

- 10% off bookstore at RPN events 

If you would like more info about RPN, and would like to learn how to be apart of the Network, please contact us below.

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