The Final Approach with Roberts Liardon

October 20, 2014

We are living in the most unique time in all of Church history. I truly believe this is the Church’s finest hour. There has been no generation since that first generation of the Church with such a unique responsibility as our generation has today.


Picture in your mind the following scene:Two men, Jack Smith and Joe Brown, die and go to heaven.
They’re the same age and are born-again Christians. They arrive at the pearly gates together. As they walk through, a crowd comes
running up. Standing before them are Noah, Abraham and Sarah, David and Jonathan, Ruth, Esther, Peter, Paul, John and Mary. In
addition to all these greats from the Bible, other great leaders from Church history are there with them—people like Martin
Luther, John and Charles Wesley, John Knox, Maria Woodworth- Etter, Aimee Semple McPherson, Kathryn Kuhlman and many


All these great men and women come running up to Jack Smith and Joe Brown. Noah steps forward and says, “Tell us
what’s happening down there on earth. What has your life been like?”  “Yes, tell us,” Abraham adds. “We’ve been waiting to hear all
about it.” All the others murmur excitedly, “Yes, tell us—tell us.”  Joe Brown clears his throat to say something, but Jack Smith
cuts him off and starts in. “Well, you just wouldn’t believe it.  It is so horrible down there. The darkness is so strong. Sin is rampant. AIDS is killing people by the thousands. If that doesn’t, abortion does.  “On top of that, drugs and crime are exploding everywhere.
The occult, witchcraft and satanism are deceiving millions. Families are being torn apart. Two out of three marriages end in divorce, and most kids are being raised by either one parent or none.  “The planet is being destroyed. There are hardly any more
dolphins, whales or forests. Then the Christians face all kinds of harassment and persecution from the media and the world. Our
church split four or five times before I quit going. “I tell you, it’s been awful down there. I’m just glad to be
up here with all you guys now. At least you have fun up here, don’t you? It hasn’t been any fun being down there on earth as
a Christian in this day and age, I tell you. It’s not anything like when you were alive.”  Luther and the Wesley brothers almost speak in unison, “We faced harassment and persecution too, you know.” Almost all the others nod in agreement.  “Well, yeah, I guess you did but not like we did,” Jack says.  “Why, we had these famous ministers who—“  Paul interrupts him. Turning to Joe, he asks, “What about
you? How was it for you down there?”  “Well, what Jack said is true all right,” Joe agrees, “but he didn’t tell you the whole story. I, for one, was having a ball right up until the moment I ended up here.”  “Now you’re talking!” Peter exclaims. “You know all of us
longed to live in your day. We saw your day and what it was going to be like, and we’ve all wished we could have lived in your
time—“  “Peter, let the man talk,” Mary interrupts gently.  Joe Brown continues, “Yes, we did see thousands die from
AIDS, and millions of babies’ lives were taken by abortion. But  I also saw people totally delivered and healed from AIDS. And
our church shut down the abortion clinics in our city. We also helped drug addicts get free.”  “How did you do that?” David asks.
Joe looks at David and explains, “We learned some things from you about killing giants. We prayed, trusted God and got
out there where the action was and did what we could. We cast out demons, healed the sick and changed things.”
David nods and mutters, “Yeah, sounds like something I would have done.” He turns to Jonathan, who is standing by his side.
“I like this guy,” Jonathan whispers. “He sounds like one of us.”  joe Brown goes on to tell about all the people he introduced
to Jesus; the missions trips he went on during his vacations; the miracles he saw when he visited his city’s hospitals, nursing
homes and prisons.  “What was it like in your church?” Ruth asks.
“We had a mighty move of God in our church,” Joe says. “We Started with about twenty people in Bible study and grew to three
thousand that first year. Within five years just about everybody in our city was saved, and we had several churches of twenty
thousand or more!”  Everybody starts cheering at this bit of news. They keep asking Joe Brown more and more questions, and Jack Smith fades off into the crowd


We need to focus on what God is doing!
Do not be Afraid!


Pray for the gift of discernment, which is like a spiritual antenna. To live victoriously in the last days, our receivers need to be fine-tuned.


We need discernment to recognize the thing God is doing, as well as the counterfeits. When people talk about discerning of spirits, they seem to imply that devils are everywhere. It is even more important to discern the presence of the Holy Spirit, of angels and the work that He is doing

You are Key to His plan.


Romans 8:19 “For the creation waits in eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed.”

Find out what your role is and fulfil your purpose.


Be the best You that you can be.


Roberts Liardon

Excerpt from his book Final Approach: the Adventure of end-times living


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