Revival in the Valley with Apostle Varle Rollins

October 20, 2014

Just as God sat Ezekiel down in the valley of dry bones in Ezekiel 37, He has sat the church in a like place, with His strong Hand upon us.  We must tune in with diligence to hear Him in this hour, as He unfolds His Heart for revival to His people. The Spirit of the Lord has set us in this place to revive us and restore us to our original state: a vast, strong army!  Many have sensed His strong Hand and are beginning to declare “Revival,” not due to any despair or hopelessness, but due to what we hear and now know is His passion for us. 


It is in that valley that I have not only learned God’s Hand upon me, but have had an encounter with Him.  He has led me back and forth there over the past few years, and what He has shown me is overwhelming.He asked me the question, “Can these bones live?”  Then He said, “My people aren’t answering this question because they don’t even know that the bones are dry!”  Ezekiel’s response was, “Sovereign Lord, You know!”  This shows his humility and desire to see what God sees.  In order for us to answer God’s questions, we must get His perspective. Once you begin to “see” that the bones are dry, and very dry, you are affected by what has affected Him.


Revival IS God’s plan for us in this hour and it is imperative to be led by His Spirit for it to manifest.  Here is the mandate for the Body in this hour:


  • We must have revelation of our condition 


  • We must reclaim and activate our prophetic voice 

  • We must know His Word to specifically declare what He is saying 

  • We must watch and listen torecover our God-given inheritance that has been relinquished,and restore the foundations that have been broken up 

  • We must activate The Wind of God (His Breath) in our personal lives in order to have genuine impartation through all that we do.


God is returning His Breath to the His people, allowing Him to hear Himself in us in all that we do!He sat us in this place—the valley of dry bones—to cause us to desire what He desires! He sat us in this place to receive and then release His breath and to bring the Body to its original state and purpose: to stand up on our feet as a vast army!


The Church has resorted to using performance,worldly wisdom and secular means… causing it to feel a false sense of accomplishment and success.God’s people are buying into the enemy’s deception… the Body’s bones have dried up and have almost disintegrated!God’s true identity has been masked!  The fear of The Lord has waned because we have vision of the true face of The Great I AM!


God’s great question echoes before us again:“CAN these bones live?” Revelation, Prophecy, the Word of God, the Breath of God and the supernatural all happened in a valley of Dry Bones!  Yet, the bones reconnected and breath entered them and they stood up as a vast Army!  Can these bones live?  My answer is YES! What is YOUR answer?


~Apostle Varle Rollins


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